How do I pay with Litecoin

Paying with Litecoin is very similar to paying with Bitcoin. You can use the Bitcoin Guide” as a starting point. Here are the differences:

  • You need to have a Litecoin wallet to be able to send Litecoin
  • You cannot send Bitcoin to a Litecoin address
  • At CoinBase you can buy Litecoin and pay with them. However, the Litecoin address that is generated by our payment provider is a 'new-style' address (starting with an 'M') which is not yet recognised by CoinBase. If you are running into the problem that Coinbase tells you that the address is not valid, you have to convert it to an old-style address at the following url:
    • add the 'M' address to the 'P2SH Value:' field and click convert.
    • Use the address that starts with a 3 for your payment