What is the status of my order?

In order to view the current status of your order, you need to be logged in with the account which you placed the order from. Only then you can view your actual order status in your “Order history”. This page should, hopefully, answer your questions.  

You can find more information about all the statuses on Nirvana Shop below:

Waiting for payment Your payment has not been received yet.
Awaiting validation Your payment is beign validated.
Paid Your order has been paid.
Packaging deparment Your order is at the packaging department.
Ready to be shipped Your order is ready to be shipped.
Shipped Your order has been shipped.
Returned Your order has returned to us for some reason.
Resend Your order will be sent out again.
Cancel Your order has been canceled.
Payment error Your payment hasn't been received because of an error.
On hold You may not have paid the full amount, or we're waiting for additional information to be provided.