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  • AJ Nirvana

I don't have order number.

Haven't you noted your order number when paying by bank or cash? Tsk, sloppy. We'll do our best to find your payment manually, but it would help if you could open a support ticket to let us know. Especially if you don't do so, your order will most likely be processed more slowly than usual.


Bank payment

If you forgot to enter your order number in the description field of your bank payment, a copy of the transfer receipt would be ideal. Otherwise, send us some specifics, such as when the transfer was made and from which account.


Cash payment


If you forgot to add your order confirmation to your cash payment, your order is in fact untraceable. It's inevitable that you send us information about when you sent the payment, in what currency you sent it and what strains you have ordered exactly. We're going to do our very best, but we can't make you a promise that your payment will be found.

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