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Payment instructions

By offering a wide range of accepted currencies and payment methods, we at Nirvana Shop would like to make it as easy as possible for you to pay for your order.

Accepted Currencies

Nirvana Shop accepts the currencies as shown below. Payments arranged in other currencies will be rejected. You can select your preferred currency by using the drop down list on top of the shop.

  • American Dollar
  • British Pound
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • Japanese Yen
  • Polish Zloty
  • Swiss Franc

Payment Methods

Cash on Delivery, Cheque, Money Order, Paypal or Western Union payments will NOT be accepted!

Credit Cards (temporarily offline)

Yes, we do accept Visa Debit & Credit Cards.

If you do not own a Visa Card, you will be able to purchase a Virtual Visa card at numerous online Virtual Card distributors. Please add a few cents extra on the virtual card, just in case the exchange rate has changed a bit in the mean time.

Please note: Make sure your card can be used for foreign transactions. If you are unsure if your card can be used for international payments, please contact your Bank.


The bitcoin payment method is a secure way to pay for your order. In order to be able to pay with bitcoin (BTC) you need to have a bitcoin wallet filled with a BTC amount, high enough for your order.

We recommend the MultibitHD wallet for use on a PC or CoPay for mobile devices. We strongly advise not to use the Core Bitcoin Wallet since that wallet eats up a lot of hard disk space and it can take up more then a day before you will be able to use it for live transactions. And you need to keep it synchronized with the Blockchain.

If you choose Bitcoins as your payment option, you will be redirected to our bitcoin payment provider. There you will see the bitcoin address that you need to use for your payment. This is a unique address that is used for your order only. Payment generally needs to be done within a 15 minute time frame. The reason is that the BTC value changes constantly. After your payment is done, your order will be set to paid automatically, usually within 15 minutes. If you pay after the 15 minutes have passed, the payment still goes through but we need to manually verify the payment. that happens usually the same day or the next working day.

Bitcoin for newbies

If you have never used bitcoin before and 'BTC', 'blockchain', 'bitcoin', 'wallet' makes you wonder, diving into it without any knowledge can be a bit daunting. That is why we have created a step-by-step tutorial that will help you to create your wallet, get your first bitcoin amount and pay your order with it.

Go to the tutorial

Bank Transfer

Log into your internet banking account or visit your local bank in order to make an international wire transfer. We will usually receive your payment within 3 business days. Your bank may charge an additional fee.

Account holder name: NIRVANA-SHOP
Account number: NL43 INGB 0001 7135 27
IBAN: NL43 INGB 0001 7135 27
Bank address: ING Bank NV
PO BOX 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Reference: Your order number
Physical address:
We are currently unable to accept bank transfers from Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Iran or Cuba.


We only accept the following currencies: EUR(€), USD($), PLN(zl), GBP(£) and CAD($)!!!

First make sure your money cannot be detected. That means, wrap it inside a folding card, like a birthday card. Do only add paper money because coins are very easy to detect by the mail service. If you need coins because your order is like €27 then add €30 instead (with USD you can use $1 notes). For the extra €3 we will add an extra package of mystery seeds. If you definitely don't want to do that then cash is not the option for you and you need to pay with a different option like bank wire.

*  Add the order number on a separate note or on the card so we know what the money is for.

*  Put the card with the money in an envelope and close it.

*  Add the following address to the envelope:


    Munterslaan 4a

    2014 KW Haarlem

    The Netherlands

* Add the return address to the envelope. sometimes customers make a mistake with our address and then the money does not arrive. And, without a return address, the money is forever lost.

* Go to the post office and choose for 'Registered mail'. If possible get a track-and-trace number so you can see where the money is.

* You can also choose for a courier service instead (i.e. UPS, DHL, Federal Express) but that is probably more expensive.

As soon as we receive the payment, your order will be set to paid. If, for whatever reason, the money does not arrive, we will NOT send out the order. We need the payment first. SENDING CASH MONEY IS ALWAYS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


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