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I have problems with germinating.

Some of the most common germination mistakes include:

  • Getting seeds too wet or too dry
  • Seeds need to be damp, not wet, for successful germination. Excess water prevents oxygen getting to the seed. Poorly drained soil may also cause soil fungus diseases. The condition of wet soil may be improved by adding perlite, which will aerate your soil. A certain amount of water is essential for germination, so maintaining a constant soil moisture during the germination period is vital. Cover your germination containers with glass or cling film / saran wrap to keep the soil from drying out.
  • Getting seeds too hot or too cold
  • Germinate seeds at a temperature between 22 and 27 degrees Celcius (about 71-82 degrees Fahrenheit). High temperatures will parch the soil and cause damage to seeds and seedlings, which means you will have to monitor seeds all the time and add water when needed. Cold temperatures, however, can kill seedlings and prevent germination. Cool temperatures can result in slow, un-even germination. If you plan on growing out of doors, you may want to start your seeds indoors. Make sure you hold off putting the seedlings outside until the risk of night frost has passed (mid-May in temperate climates).
  • Planting seeds too deep or too shallow
  • Planting seeds too deep in the ground may mean they won't be able to grow enough to reach the surface. Soil temperature also gets lower with depth.  If you plant your seeds too shallow, though, they may dry out. Plant 1 to 1 1/2 inches deep for the best results, or use a Germination Kit.
  • Planting in too firm or too loose soil
  • Making your soil mix too firm makes it hard for oxygen to reach to your seeds. Drainage is also affected. Soil which is too loose results in too much air surrounding the seed. This way they will not absorb moisture and will most likely dry out. 

Some advanced tips:

Some people swear by their own personal method to weaken a seed's shell. You can read more about these methods under 'What's the best germination method?'. Not knowing exactly what you're doing may also result in germination problems, so consider yourself warned! When you nick the husk of the seed with a knife or a pair of nail clippers, be really really careful you don't damage the inside of the seed. When soaking the seed in water, make sure you don't leave it too long, because this increases the risk of rot and mould. When germinating in a paper towel or napkin, make really sure you don't damage the taproot! We don't recommend this method, as the taproot grows tiny, near-invisible feelers that will be torn off when you take the seed out of the paper towel, stunting or even terminating growth.


Finally, keep in mind that while germination within 24 hours is not uncommon, cannabis seeds may take up to 10 days to germinate, depending on the method and circumstances. Don't freak out if they don't show right away! If you're inexperienced, it's best to germinate in small batches. This way, you can vary with different methods and not spoil your whole seed stash in one go.



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