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CBD Strains (Medical)

Brief explanation of how marihuana works medicinally:


Cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, will stick and bind to cannabinoid receptors (CB 1 and CB 2) that are primarily found in the central nervous system in the brain. When cannabinoids bind to these receptors it will either stimulate or dim impulses sent out to the body by this particular section of the brain. 


Type I (CB 1) receptors are found in the basal ganglia and limbic system (within the Central Nervous System) inside the central nervous system. The basal ganglia supports a wide range of functions, such as: control of voluntary motor movements, eye movements, executive functions, cognition and emotion. If the basal ganglia is not functioning properly it can lead any number of behaviour control disorders, such as: Tourette syndrome and OCD. Plus a wide range of movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease and Huntingdon’s Disease. The degeneration of dopamine producing cells play a vital (negative) role in the development of the latter two diseases.  The limbic system supports a wide range of functions, such as: emotion, behaviour, motivation, long term memory and adrenaline flow. 


Type 2 (CB 2) are primarily found in the immune system. If cannabinoids stick to these CB 2 receptors they will stimulate an anti-inflammatory reaction. 


Therapeutical benefits of THC: 

Analgesic, anti-spasmodic, anti-tremor, anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulant, sleep inducor and anti-nausea.


Therapeutical benefits of CBD:

Anti-inflammatory, potent inhibitor of tumor (cell) growth (initial research has shown, more research and trials are currently underway),  anti convulsant (epilepsy), anti-psychotic, anti anxiety, supression of immune responses, anti-oxidant (anti aging), anti cramps and spasms and acts as a neuroprotective after an insult, seizure or stroke. 


Studies have proven that strains with 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC will give an optimal relief for a great number of the above mentioned therapeutical benefits. 

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