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Pay online with Creditcard (temporarily offline)

Introduction to on-line credit card payments (temporarily offline)

Originally, credit cards were an off-line payment method. They were not developed for use on the Internet. However, rapid processing and the low risk level involved in credit card transactions make the credit card an ideal on-line payment method. Payment for most Internet purchases is currently made using a credit card.

How do on-line credit card payments work?

  1. The purchaser selects a product from the assortment of an on-line shop.
  2. At the cash register, the purchaser indicates that he or she wishes to pay for the selected product using a credit card.
  3. The purchaser fills in his or her credit card number and the expiration date of the credit card.
  4. This information is immediately submitted, on-line, to the credit card company for authorisation.
  5. The credit card company authorises the transaction and notifies the on-line shop and the purchaser.
  6. After receiving the authorisation, the on-line shop arranges delivery of the product to the purchaser. The payment amount is transferred to the account of the on-line shop within 10 workdays and debited to the purchaserâs credit card account.

If the transaction cannot be authorised, the on-line shop and the purchaser are notified. The purchaser can then opt to use another payment method.

These steps take a matter of seconds. Submission of the information to the credit card company, authorisation and return of the authorisation to the purchaser and the on-line shop can usually be accomplished in less than 15 seconds.

Security risks

Credit card transactions processed via an insecure connection, i.e. via a site without proper risk-elimination facilities for credit card transactions, involve the following risks:

  1. The Internet is an open network with very basic security provisions. This means that unauthorised parties can intercept credit card data submitted via the Internet.
  2. Because the transaction is processed without a signature, the identity of the cardholder cannot be authenticated. In addition, the merchant may not be authorised to accept credit card payments.
  3. Credit card data are visible to the Internet merchant. The merchant could use these data to make purchases, but this could also happen with off-line transactions.

These risks can be eliminated using the SSL protocol.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security

SSL is a protocol that secures the connection between the purchasers browser and a secure Internet server. The message containing the credit card data is also encrypted, which makes the data inaccessible to unauthorised parties. SSL does not secure the applications or documents on the merchant site or server, but secures only the connection.

Use of the SSL protocol drastically reduces the risk of data being intercepted as they travel over the Internet.

Advantages of on-line credit card payments

  1. The authorisation procedure can be completed in a matter of seconds.
  2. The entire transaction is handled on-line, i.e. the need to perform off-line activities related to the transaction is eliminated for both the purchaser and the shop.
  3. If the on-line shop fails to fulfill its part of the bargain, the purchaser can request restitution of the payment amount from his or her credit card company.

Disadvantages of on-line credit card payments

The disadvantages of on-line credit card payments are limited, provided the payment is made using a secure connection. Use of the SSL protocol involves a negligible risk. Never release your credit card data via the Internet without using one of these protocols. Doing so would expose you to significant risk!

What do credit card payments cost?

Credit card companies charge their customers an annual fee for their credit cards. No other fees are applicable to the purchaser. The credit card holder pays no extra charge for making an on-line credit card payment.

What do I need to do to make an on-line payment with my credit card?

  1. First of all, you must have a credit card. A credit card can be obtained from your bank or from a credit card company.
  2. To make an on-line credit card payment with SSL, check the payment methods accepted by the on-line shop. If your credit card is accepted, select it from the list of payment methods. If the on-line shop does not use SSL, your browser will display a warning indicating that your data are being transmitted over an unsecured connection. Cancel the transaction. If no message appears, you can safely make a credit card payment.

How does credit card company payments handle credit card payments?

credit card company payments receives your payment and transfers it through to the merchant. When credit card company payments receives your payment, it immediately notifies the merchant that the payment has been received. The name of the on-line shop appears on your credit card bill.

What is 3-D Secure?

  1. 3D Secure is an extra layer of security for transactions over the internet and requires the card holder to provide a personal password or pin number when paying for goods online with their credit card. This ensures that the shopper is who they say they are when providing card details to an online shop. Visa refers to this scheme as Verified by Visa and MasterCard as MasterCard SecureCode.
  2. To use this service, the cardholder must register their card with their issuing bank.The cardholder selects a password or pin number, their security code, and this will be used each time they pay for goods online with their credit card.

How 3-D Secure works?

After the card holder enters their card details credit card company payments will automatically check to see if their card is enrolled in the 3D Secure scheme. If the cardholder's bank is participating, the cardholder is taken to their card issuers secure website where they enter their security code. The payment then proceeds as normal and the cardholder is redirected back to the confirmation page.

What advantages does 3-D Secure offer?

3D Secure reduces the risk of fraud and non-payment. Since cardholders must enter their security code for each transaction for participating stores, they are protected from the misuse of their credit card numbers. If an incorrect security code is entered, the purchase will not be completed. Even if someone knows the credit card number, the purchase cannot be completed without the security code being correctly entered.


If you would like to receive additional information on credit card company payments , please send a message to theour support department via e-mail at

Please contact your bank or credit card company for additional information on credit cards.


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