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How to use the Propagator Pro2

Take the satchel of bacto which you find at the back of the spongepots. 

Measure 1 decilitre (1/10 of a litre or just over 1/2 cup) into a container. Water should be at 25C or 77F and mix in your satchel of bacto.

(In the meanwhile you can start to build the Propagator, once built put the perlite (also included with the propagator) at the bottom of the propagator

Now take the bacto solution you just mixed earlier and pour this over your spongepots (make sure you never thoroughly wet them, just moisten slightly) The remaining bacto-water you can divide over the perlite in the propagator.

Now carefully put the seeds in the holes of the spongepots and be sure you don't push them too deep and just make sure you never thoroughly wet them, just moisten slightly!


Now put the the spongepots into the propagator you just built on top of the perlite and switch the propagator 'on'

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